Real estate purchase procedure

When our clients decide on a property they want to purchase, we arrange meeting in our agency between seller and a buyer, in presence of attorneys. We provide insight into ownership documents and after reaching an agreement on all essential elements of the contract, the parties conclude the pre-sale preliminary contract
  • preliminary contract usually contains information about the price of the property, as well as the amount of down payment (deposit) - which is being paid by the buyer to the seller - usually in amount of 10% of the purchase price, but the parties may agree on a different percentage
  • preliminary contract also contains a final deadline by which the parties obligate to conclude the main contract (normally the deadline for the conclusion of the contract is approximately 60 days, but the parties may agree otherwise)
  • within the agreed period, the parties are obliged to conclude the main contract. The contract is being composed by the attorney
  • when concluding the contract, the buyer pays the remaining purchase price to the seller. The contract is being certified by the public notary (only the signature of the seller is mandatory by low to be certificated and the purchaser can only sign, if wanted otherwise, it is possible to arrange that both signatures are certified.)
  • when concluding the preliminary contract, as well as the main contract later on, for both buyer and seller it is enough to have an identity document (ID or passport) and OIB (personal identification number, which can be secured by the agency if requested by clients )
  • after the verification of the contract and final payment the buyer is being showed in the property by the seller, with the presence of the agency
  • attorney submittes a proposal for registration of ownership of the purchased property to the competent land registry court, and the buyer - the new owner, in few days gets the ownership certificate which confirms that the purchased property is registered in his name (the certificate is being delivered to the buyer by the agency on their home or e-mail address.)
  • within 30 days after signing the contract, the buyer is obliged to submit the tax return to the tax office ( of requested by the client, can be done by the attorny) which brings the settlement about the amount of tax to be paid for purchasing the property (tax is 5% of the purchase price. The exception are new buildings owned by entity in which case the buyer is exempt from paying taxes on real estate)
  • we offer only the properties with pre-tested proprietary documentation
  • we provide a survey of the property in a pre-arranged time (it is advisable to make an appointment 2-3 days prior to the date scheduled for your visit)